A young female photographer that mainly photographing latex in both fashion and fetish ways. Not loosing the true essence of the fetishism in latex she is trying to portrait it in a rather more artistic, fashion, soft and almost romantic way than in the porn way. She also photographs lingerie, fashion and some artistic nude. But mainly in the alternative genre. 
She got her first camera in the end of 2007, and have been photographing models since the beginning of 2012, and have since then made herself a name in the fetish scene mostly in Europe.


Marquis magazine     #59 
                                #63 - cover

Kultür Mag 
                               #29 January 2014
                               #33 May 2014
                               #39 November 2014
                               #41 January 2015
Tattoo Kultür Mag 

                               #14 March 2015 - cover
                               #15 April 2015 - cover 

Sinical Magazine 
                                Latex Issue 2014
                                Europe Issue 2015 - cover

Scandinavian tattoo magazine #142 January 2015

Heavy Rubber magazine # 35 November 2014

Bedeseme E-mag  September 2014 - interview

Rebelicious Magazine November 2014

Like a Lion magazine October 2013

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